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Outdoors|Out of Mind /troy

A student tweeted about a test, and the next day it was the teacher’s desktop background. 




The saddest thing is that most people will find this humorous instead of serious. We’re standing right beside one another, and yet we text others instead of actually speaking to each other. Have you ever sat down and thought about how uncomfortable we now are around one another that it’s so bad that we literally pretend to be texting someone when we’re not, just so it’s less awkward to stand beside people? What’s supposed to strengthen our bonds has taken away from it. It’s time to take our faces out of our phones and notice the world, give a kind gesture to someone, and go SEE your friends instead of just texting them.
I’m going to let that sink in.

Ah yes let me just up and leave school right in between my classes so I can go see the friend 40 miles away that i’m currently texting instead of making idle chit chat with the people around me that I don’t particularly care for.Fuck your pretentious shit.

"whines evil technology is making people antisocial its not real communication if its not face to face and im a pretentious self righteous shitbaby that asks random people on the street for the time and feels good about it"

Q: One of my coaches went skiing the day after his kid was born and everyone was all wtf are you doing your wife gave birth 8 hours ago go home and he was all but its a powder day
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a big dog and a little dog

a big dog and a rodent

Triassic, Utah
Golden boulders at sunset

i fucking love people sometimes